Summer 2020 Night - 15 ml - Prescent

Summer 2020 Night - 15 ml

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A deep, exotic journey into a sensual summer night. I wanted to redefine Vanilla here, even for those who think they do not like it! It starts fresh, then brings out sensual exotic textures, complemented by dark, erotic undertones that emerge over time.

This Fragrance is created around a partnership of Ginger oil CO2 from India diffusing through to Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar.

The Top kicks off with our special Ginger oil CO2 – citrussy and zingy to stimulate the senses. Cardamom oil from Guatemala and Lemongrass oil from India adds an extra dynamic exoticism. Elemi oil from Philippines and Timur Pepper oil CO2 from Nepal enhance the natural zinginess of the ginger. This accord gives intensity and originality.

 Linking the Top and the Heart is the Juniper Berry oil from Europe, emphasising the freshness of the ginger. 

 The Heart starts with cumin oil from India, giving it a slightly spicy, carnal edge. To balance this, I played with the allure and plumpness of luxurious classical Turkish Rose oil. I then added nutmeg oil from Indonesia for a modern touch, bringing a note of intrigue.

The Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar then starts to take over from the Ginger, providing a link of sweetness and warmth.

The Base starts with the rich, woody Patchouli Heart from Indonesia, blending into Sandalwood oil from New Caledonia, and a specific clean Cedarwood from Texas combine for richness and sophistication.

Tonka Beans from South America and Labdanum Abs from Spain support the Vanilla in the base, making the fragrance very long lasting and leaving a warm sensuality on your skin for the rest of the long summers night.