Summer 2020 Day - 15 ml - Prescent

Summer 2020 Day - 15 ml

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A long, easy Summer’s day with a fresh start that relaxes into a warm afternoon and a slow, sensual evening.

This fragrance has a beautiful Vanilla Absolute as its defining theme. It is sensual, sweet, warm and woody. It responds well to contrasting notes of Lavender and Jasmine, giving it great stamina.

The Top starts with Bergamot oil from Sicily and both Mandarin and Lemon oil from Italy. This citrusy start gives to the perfume clean freshness, awakening our senses for the day ahead.

To make a link between the Top and the Heart, I used Geranium oil from Egypt and Lavender oil from France, and this combination makes a great link between the Lemony Top and the Sensual Floral Heart. And it’s at this moment that the Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar starts to show along.

The Heart is an exotic floral with slow sensuality. It is made up of Jasmine Sambac Olessence from India, obtained by a new, more gentle extraction method, and Ylang Extra from Madagascar to combine with the long notes of Vanilla Absolute for a relaxing sensuality.

To make a link between the Heart and the Base, I used some Patchouli Heart from Indonesia, which is richer and sweeter than a classic Patchouli Oil.

The Base is deeply Woody and Ambery to sublime this fragrance and give you staying power that lasts all the long day

Guaiacwood oil from Paraguay provides a smoky/spicy/balsamic aspect that energises the base, along with rich and creamy Sandalwood Oil from New Caledonia and Tonka Infusion from South America

The Tonka blends with the Vanilla Absolute to wrap the whole fragrance in an elegantly sensual mood like a beautiful summer’s day, that seems to last forever.