Summer 2020 perfumes - 2 x 15ml EDP - Prescent
Summer 2020 perfumes - 2 x 15ml EDP - Prescent

Summer 2020 perfumes - 2 x 15ml EDP

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Tune into Summer Moods - Day & Night: two sublime mood fragrances, Eau de Parfum, evoking beautiful memories of an ideal Summer's Day and a magical Summer's Night.

The Day fragrance is fresh, relaxing - an easy-going pleasure.  This fragrance has a beautiful Vanilla Absolute as its defining theme. It is sensual, sweet, warm and woody. It responds well to contrasting notes of Lavender and Jasmine, giving it great stamina.

The Night fragrance is sensual mood magic with adventurous twists.  A deep, exotic journey into a sensual summer night. Vanilla is redefined, even for those who think they do not like it! It starts fresh, then brings out sensual exotic textures, complemented by dark, erotic undertones that emerge over time.

These beautiful slow perfumes are produced in small quantities, and are packaged together with full descriptions of ingredients, moods and mindful meditations to accompany them.  Sent in eco-friendly packaging directly to your home - or as a beautiful gift to a loved one.  

Each box is an invitation to adventure in seasonal fragrances, mindfulness and moods.