We are Prescent

Who we are:

Allison M - Top Designer.  Our designer/illustrator and realist: brings Summer alive with her art, skill and practicality.

Jess M - Creative Director. Our brilliant creative Maestra of Prescent and general life inspiration.  Currently NYC based.

JC M - Master Perfumer.  Our fragrance alchemist who transforms multiple natural ingredients in magical slow perfumes.

Michel H - He makes it happen.  Master of understatement.  Focused on delivering joy to our customers, one Prescent pack at the time.  Welcomes any suggestions, improvements or disappointments.  Drop a line to michel@weareprescent.com

Stuart M - He creates.  Creative explorer of mind, culture, art and living.  Sharing love of life and learning through Prescent.  Welcomes your experiences, new discoveries and fresh ideas at Prescent.  He would love to hear from you on stuart@weareprescent.com

We believe that fragrances should be used to create moods and should be enjoyed without the glitz of marketing.  

What unites us:

  1. We create only great perfumes from ethically-sourced ingredients; 
  2. We make them cruelty-free;
  3. We learn by listening to others;
  4. We keep things simple and have fun.