Our perfumes, your moods

Use your nose to be present in your here and now.

More than ever, we could all do with help in managing our moods and our mindfulness.  Our team spent eighteen months working with Jean-Charles Mignon  - a top nose in the natural perfume world - creating perfumes that enhance your moods and help you tune your state of mind.  

Your mindset, diet and memories combine to affect your moods.  Our perfumes work directly with the part of the brain dealing with emotions and new memories. You can use them in your mood management.

The hero ingredient this Summer is the finest natural Vanilla Absolute - an ancient aroma the Aztecs used over centuries as a calming, connecting aphrodisiac.

Summer Day enhances it with lavender for calming, relaxing regeneration.  A touch of gentle sensuality.  

Summer Night combines it with a subtle combination of exotic spices, evoking sensuality and stimulation.  A little touch of erotic magic.

Discover for yourself how to develop and manage your moods with our perfumes.