Our Perfumer: the inestimable JC!

Our Perfumer

Jean-Charles Mignon is our perfume artist of choice for 2020. We chose him not for his flamboyance, or fame, or commercial acumen - talents that are usually behind the success of a ‘Nez’ (as the industry sniffily calls them).

Jean-Charles Mignon - Prescent perfumer

We went to him, after much research, simply for his quiet world-class talent for perfume creation - as recommended by his Alma Mater in Grasse, the seat of perfumery expertise. He is endorsed by Robertet and is an expert in working with their sustainable natural raw materials.

The Brief - quality rules over price

A quiet, unassuming hero, his eyes lit up when we briefed him on our mission to bring real fine fragrances to the world, to stimulate seasonal moods. And they positively flashed when we told him to use whatever ingredients he desired, whatever the price. We explained we are not in the business of making a quick killing: on the contrary, we want ‘slow’ fragrances.  Perfumes that take us deep into ourselves, that create journeys – and that we would use every day, ourselves.


The Perfumes

It was a tense three weeks for us, waiting. Then … Wow! These perfumes surpassed our greatest expectations. He had worked intensely to create these two exceptional fine fragrances for our delight – and for his. They contain only the finest ingredients, ethically sourced and ecologically friendly. They are composed around a ‘hero ingredient’ to help you tune into the seasonal moods. And on top of that, they really do take you on a journey of discovery.


The Prescent Protocol

His advice: Take your time, with a long, gentle intake of the aroma, first on a testing strip or a cotton handkerchief. Then, put it on your skin, wherever and however you like. You will be surprised how different it starts to smell in combination with your skin.  Now, let your journey begin.