Vika reviews Summer | Prescent perfumes for the inner mind...

Vika reviews Summer | Prescent perfumes for the inner mind...

Summer 2020, like the whole year, will be remembered by us for a long time, only I would not want to associate and "anchor" 2020 with some kind of perfume, but, nevertheless, the British brand Prescent offers us two seasonal fragrances Summer Day 20 and Summer Night 20. The main concept of the brand is the idea that our way of thinking, along with lifestyles, well-being, experiences and memories, set the tone for our mood (of course!). At this stage, the scent is delicately embedded. I will not go into lengthy discourses about the influence of scents on our life, I will simply say: Prescent proposes to manage mood through perfumes and "seal your mood with the fragrance".

Beautiful watercolor postcards reveal all the details. Summer Day S. 20 is a classic cautious composition that reminds me of a spicy refreshing men's fragrance of the 2000s. I say "cautious" because those who like extreme niche fragrances will probably not be interested in this one.

This is a well-made perfectly balanced citrus-spicy chypre. It opens with pungent bitterness of lemon zest, warm spices and, like many, returns to the classic woody-amber (I feel ambrocenide) base with smoky vanilla nuances.

By the way, the brand pays special attention to vanilla this season. It is vanilla that unites "Day" and "Night". The scent is more piercing, invigorating than sensual for me. The perfumer behind this fragrance is Jean-Charles Mignon. The seasonality and uniqueness of the fragrances along with handy 15 ml size reminded me of the approach of the NEZ magazine. I want to thank Prescent Primrose Hill for sending me this fragrance for testing.

Do you divide fragrances by day/night? top notes: ginger, bergamot, lemon, cardamom, lemongrass, elemi, timut pepper middle notes: cumin, rose, nutmeg, vanilla base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, tonka, labdanum .

Summer Night S. 20 is a richer, more dense and more aromatic variation of Summer Day S. 20, here invigorating citruses and lavender do not give up their positions for a long time, despite the pyramid, I still feel the spicy bitterness of ginger, and, in general, I associate the opening of this scent with a sip of an icy fizzy Sprite.

At some point, Day and Night become very similar because of a sharp and invigorating citrus note, but on my skin its aromatic-fougere opening is smoothed out by creamy sandalwood, balsamic resins and slightly steroidal amber-wood components. I will not say that this is a perfume with a pronounced masculine profile, as they usually classify it, I will just say that if a man with such a sillage passed me, I would have admired and, perhaps, even asked what kind of fragrance he wears. But, since I am trying to abandon gender stereotypes, I enjoyed wearing Summer Night S. 20 myself.

Jean-Charles Mignon, did an excellent job, creating two fragrances that are completely different in structure, but identical in mood and direction.

Indeed, these are appropriate for summer - they are very fresh, invigorating, at the same time unobtrusive, classical and crowd-pleasing. Great job! . Top notes: bergamot, tangerine, lemon, geranium, lavender Middle notes: Sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli Base notes: guaiac, sandalwood, tonka.

Vika reviews Summer | Prescent for the inner mind...

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