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Brian, a.k.a., reviews Summer Night:

Prescent is a house from the UK and they've released their Summer 2020 duo, Day & Night. Both celebrate vanilla as their 'hero' ingredient of the year and they are available as a set (£90/2x 15ml). 

Night is not necessarily a really dark fragrance; it's still meant for Summer. It is a touch darker than Day, but it's angle is exoticness. It has a citrus heavy opening. For some reason I found this one even brighter and fresher in the opening than Day. The citrus even more pronounced, although it's definitely more in the candy/lemonade lemon style for me, as opposed to cutting open an actual lemon. Whereas Day had a lemongrass addition, Night takes it more in the orange-y direction. It's a bit sharper, punchy and it has more of a floral/herbal side (there's geranium, lavender, jasmine). It's almost animalic; I don't think it's listed, but it has a civet like-sharpness to my nose, which is contrasted beautifully by the creamier, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka base. The (not)cherry on top is the addition of ylang ylang, turning this into what I would describe as the most masculine white floral scent that I've come across. It's strong in the air (I don't know what concentration these fragrances are), almost chokingly so when I oversprayed a bit, so I'd suggest going light on the trigger. Even though the scent-profile is different, something reminds me a bit of Parfums de Marly Layton Exclusif in the way it behaves in the air.

I prefer the opening of Night over Day, but overall, I'm not ready to pick a favorite yet. What I can tell you is that both of these are very interesting and rather unique to me (especially Night). The quality and performance both seem excellent, so I think this is a house to keep an eye out for.

Disclaimer: These were sent to me by Prescent, as always without prior arrangements or guarantees of a (positive) review.

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