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Brian, a.k.a., reviews Summer Day.

What's the last brand that you discovered? Another day, another brand to showcase, that I'm sure isn't on a lot of your radars yet. Prescent is a house from the UK and they've released their Summer 2020 duo, Day & Night. Both celebrate vanilla as their 'hero' ingredient of the year and they are available as a set (£90/2x 15ml). In this post I'm discussing Summer Day. 

Day starts of bright, with a blast of citrus and lemongrass. It's very fresh, but also thick, like a lemon syrup or even candy. There's some cardamom and very prominent in this composition is the use of ginger. The brand described it as zingy and that's definitely what this is. It's not 100% bright and fresh though, as mentioned, vanilla is used, so it transforms and warms up during the wear. Whenever I think of this style of vanilla, spice and citrus, I think of Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Aqua Vitae Forte. It's not the same, but it's a particular style that I really like. Cumin is listed, but I have to say I'm glad that I don't really pick up on that. It's overall quite spicey though. In the base are more heavier notes for a Summer's day fragrance, like patchouli, sandalwood and tonka, but it doesn't overpower the brightness, nor does it get overly sweet. If anything it makes it more creamy.

It's definitely a fragrance where I find it hard to distinguish notes and the overall vibe, although citrussy, spicey and vanillic, is not what I expected and I'm not really able to put it in words. It has a traditional edge to me, like something you find in a soapy fruity chypre (it's a bit peachy to me, but not in the usual feminine way). Day is absolutely stunning, but I can see the ginger in the opening being divisive. I really like it, and (spoiler)...I think Night is at least as interesting!

Disclaimer: These were sent out to me by Prescent, as always with no prior arrangements or guarantees of a (positive) review.

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