• Man smelling Prescent

    Fragrance for
    mind and moods

    Be in the present

Beautiful slow perfumes produced in small quantities each Season, to help you tune in.

Created in Primrose Hill - Manufactured in the UK

A surprise!...

"The Night scent is something I didn't expect myself to love, but it turned out to be a surprise that excited me and brought me joy!"

Ruby P - Creative Creator


"Like a tropical rainforest after a hot day - adventurous trip, walking a path through the jungle, sniffing a frog.  Brain tingly becoming musky, enticing..."

Matt L - Presenter

I am stunned...

"The perfumes last a long time.  I am truly stunned by the well blended fragrances.  I would highly recommend these perfumes!"

Hawa B - Perfume Lover

Wild feeling...

"A walk in the Corsican mountains - wild thyme, crickets, damp earth and the wild outdoors, wind rising and falling.  It keeps evolving..."

Shelley J - Art consultant

The quality of the elements means real staying power

"There’s a real eye for design at work here. Beautiful, bold and colourful - and a pleasure to pore over as I tried the fragrances."

Haydn W. - Fragrance expert

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