Perfumes for the inner mind...

Access your inner moods through your olfactory senses - yoga for the nose.

Explore your sense of scent in a totally new way.

Premium personal perfumes - rich, refreshing and complex ... like you.

Beautiful artisan perfumes,

created in limited editions...

with carefully researched and sourced ingredients,

to help you tune into your inner mind.

What they say...

Priscilla on moods

"Deux parfums sortent chaque saison, un pour le jour et un pour la nuit, autour d’un même ingrédient clef. Cet été, la vanille est reine."

Haydn on love

‘Summer Night’ makes me immediately think of... “Tell me more, tell me more - was it love at first sight?”

Jamie on memories

"I love the idea of slow fragrances...                             slow perfumes associated with your memories"


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Link to your inner mind

The nose is a remarkable organ connected to the seat of your moods, memories and emotions.